Press: The Baltimore Sun, April 15, 1983

Abstract, constructed works shine at Maryland Art Place exhibit

by John Dorsey, The Baltimore Sun, April 15, 1983

The current show at Maryland Art place is the best I’ve seen there since the beginning of the year, and the reason is not hard to find. It is a good curator who has taken her job seriously and chosen well. I only wish she had chosen a little more.

Susan Badder (pronounced Bayder), the Baltimore Museum’s director of education, is the curator and has chosen as her theme “emerging artists in regional collections.” This is certain a broad enough umbrella to allow Ms. Badder to include among the artists almost anyone she liked. And she has been able to pick the works she likes, too, for what’s in this show is not those works that are in collections in this area, but recent works by the artists represented in the collections—both public, such as the Baltimore Museum and private.

While the general quality is high in this show, the best works are the abstract and constructed ones. Nan Montgomery, currently having a show at Grimaldis, is represented here by two excellent abstract acrylics (Alstead and Iona), works which display color of cool sensuality and great compositional ability.

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